Commercial Trash Services

Problems with your current hauler?

Infrequent pickups?

Unexplained charges?

Do they leave a mess?

Are they hard to get a hold of?

Community Disposal Service specializes in providing local businesses with affordable trash service, and reliable pickup schedules. If you’re searching for a local trash service provider, give us a call for a no obligation quote.

We guarantee reliable service, flexible trash removal options, excellent customer service, and sustainable removal practices. Our quote for service will focus on cost-effective trash services your company needs today and offer flexible options as your business grows and changes.

No room for a commercial size trash container at your business? We’ve got you covered! We’ll arrange trash pickup at your front door or curbside in front of your business with a smaller container.

Commercial Trash Service container sizes are listed below:

2 cubic yard containers

Our 2 cubic yard commercial container is a popular size designed specifically for the needs of the small business. This wheeled container can fit in small alleys, inside buildings or alongside other trash containers.

4 cubic yard containers

Our 4 cubic yard commercial container can accomodate larger items. With the added depth, bulkier items fit easily inside this size commercial container. This container does not have wheels, and needs a permanent location.

6 cubic yard containers

Our 6 cubic yard commercial containers can handle larger sized materials and is well suited for frequent use and higher trash volumes. Two large lids allow easy access and are often housed within a truck accessible enclosure or corral.

*Please note that pictures/dimensions of containers may not reflect actual containers*

We understand the importance of reliable trash service for your business and the fact that you should not have to think about it… it should just happen.

To talk with a CDS representative about quotes and find out how we can help you, call (810) 336-3000, (248) 634-5693 or email us at